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Contact us and we'll go over some of your history and medical concerns.  We can discuss our treatment options for you and schedule a time to perform some testing on you as well as an examination.

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South Dayton Men's Clinic

We specialize in the treatment of Male Hormone Replacement.  We offer tailored treatment to help you as well a help avoid dangerous side effects.  We offer testosterone replacement therapy, but we don't end there.  Perhaps testosterone replacement is not what you need.  We take the time and have the experience to develop a treatment plan based on many factors such as; testosterone levels, comorbidities and health issues, side effects, cost, and much more.  We are not a "one size fits all" model.


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We have found that many other "male hormone" clinics will want you to fit in the same box as their other patients.  We at South Dayton Men's Clinic want to evaluate your needs and make a game plan that will help you feel as good as possible while staying healthy.  Some men need testosterone treatment.  Other men do not need actual testosterone, but need help with other avenues in their hormone health. We can help sort out all the information, partner with you, and make a plan that fits.