At South Dayton Men's Clinic, we want to partner with our patients and provide a concierge style of male hormone optimization.  We want to treat your male hormone needs as we would for our own family members.  Other treatment centers out there require you to jump through hoops to be their patient.  We, however, strive to treat you properly, keep you healthy, but also make it as easy to be treated as possible.  

We will meet with you, evaluate you and make sure we are certain the type of treatment you need.  We will require you to see us every 3 months.  We will, in addition, check in with you monthly via phone calls or even facetime chats.  We will also be available to you along the way to answer questions, adjust medications and provide visits.  There will be a monthly "subcription fee" along with some cost for medications and testing.  We don't accept insurance for our services, however we will help give information for you to attempt to be reimbursed by your insurance.  

Set up a time to be evaluated.  Once we have all the proper information about your health and needs, we'll make a game plan.  We will help you make the best decision about your health.